What is a wheels off detail?

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

You may have heard the term wheels off detail but what exactly is it and what does it involve? A wheels off detail is a bolt-on service which involves removing all four of the vehicle's wheels to fully clean and protect them. Removing the wheels to protect them means every inch of the wheel can be cleaned then protected with two layers of coatings from the face of the wheel, the back of the spokes and even the inner rim.

 wheels off

Going to this extreme puts a protective barrier between your expensive wheels and hot corrosive brake dust as well as other contaminants like tar and general road grime. As well as providing a protective barrier having your wheels coated will also make wheels very easy to maintain with hardly any or no chemical assistance at all as long as regular maintenance is carried out. 

When a wheels off detail is carried out by us we remove and refit your wheels twice, the first time being during the wash process of the vehicle. The first removal is so we can thoroughly clean the wheels and tyres (front and back), wheel arches, suspension components and brake calipers. 

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Once every wheel, wheel arch and caliper has been thoroughly cleaned the wheels are then refitted back to the vehicle so we can continue the wash, decontamination and drying processes. Once this procedure has been completed the vehicle is then jacked up on our mid-rise scissor lift for all four wheels to be once again removed. This second removal of the wheel consists of making sure the wheels and tyres are thoroughly dry and free from grease and any oils. After we are satisfied the wheels are as clean as possible we then apply the first layer of coatings to the wheel throughout with an airbrush to make sure we get a nice even coat and get in all the nooks and crannies. 

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Once all four wheels have had their first layer of coatings applied the wheels are set to one side whilst the coating starts to flash (the solvents start to evaporate and the coating starts to harden). Once the product has flashed enough the excess coating is removed before it starts to fully cure (this is a very small window so timing is key at this point). The wheels are then left for 1-2 hours for the first layer of coating to harden enough before we apply the second coating. This exact process is also carried out on the calipers if they are also being coated. 

Whilst the coated wheels and calipers are being left to harden we then proceed on to the wheel arches. Even though we gave these areas a very good clean during the first removal of the wheels we make sure these areas (although not probably seen) are as clean as possible. A lot of vehicles have carpet in there wheel arches for deadening sound although this is great for a nice quiet ride, this material likes to hold on to lots of grass, twigs, leaves etc which will not come clean with a pressure washer. As this is the case we break out the vacuum cleaner and brushes to make sure this area is as clean as possible if the wheel arches are plastic we make sure all tar is removed and then apply a plastic dressing for a nice factory fresh look.  

Once the coated wheels have cured long enough we then apply a second layer of coating to the wheels using the same process and making sure we cover the whole wheel. We then repeat the process of waiting for the coating to flash before removal of the excess product. The window on the second coat is smaller than the first so we would usually make this a two-man application/removal or do one wheel at a time. 

 Once all four wheels are fully coated the wheels are refitted back to the vehicle, tyres dressed, and wheels torqued to factory specification. 

jag rescale

The end result is shiny, easy to clean wheels that have good strong protection on them. The longevity of coated wheels, however, is a bit of an open-ended question as there are so many factors to take into account like how many miles does the vehicle do, how is it driven, how often are your wheels going to be cleaned etc but you should get between 12-24 months before this process should need to be repeated.

We would strongly advise your wheels being removed twice a year (beginning of the spring and beginning of autumn) for thorough cleaning. Whilst the wheels are removed its a good idea to give a quick visual inspection of suspension and brake components for future reference. 

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Free Wash with every coating!

Friday, 21 February 2020

Vauxhall Grandland Xin for its free coating check. 

 Our coating check is a free wash and dry that is part of any exterior coating package. With this wash and dry, we can check the installed coatings are performing correctly and everything is as it should be.

Any anomalies found during this process will be rectified during this time at no extra cost.

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How to maintain your coated vehicle

Wednesday, 05 February 2020

In this video, we will show you how to maintain your coated vehicle using a safe wash and dry method

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Proteq Detailing is very pleased to announce we can now offer a pay monthly option for any detail worth £250 or over, making detailing more manageable and affordable. We have teamed up with Payment Assist which means you now have the option to pay for your detail over 4 smaller manageable payments instead of one big one.

Perfect for New car protections, Paint correction, Coatings or our signature detail.

  • Spread the cost over 4 months
  • No interest
  • No fees
  • No credit checks (£1000 above requires credit check)
  • Quick easy setup

Get in touch today and ask how we can make your detail easier to pay for!


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What is a coating?

Tuesday, 03 October 2017

So you may have heard about coatings for your car to protect it for X amount of years but what really is a coating and what are you buying?

Well after finishing a new car protection recently we had a tiny amount of product (Max Protects 3 year glass coat) left in the bottle so we thought we would show you exactly what a coating is. We poured the coating on to some plastic sheeting and let it cure. As you can see from the picture when cured a coating is a membrane (although this is quite thick due to how it was set) which is thick and hard (unlike a wax) and designed to last for years rather than months. Coatings are also chemical resistant, UV resistant,, improve scratch resistant, make cleaning easier and keep that just Detailed look wash after wash. Why settle for a wax that only lasts a few months when you can have a coating for years to come.

We honestly can't think of any reason not to coat your car. 

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Although you probably don't like to think about it Winter is on its way so its time to think about protecting your pride and joy ready for the harsh environment your car will endure during this time. Until November 30th were currently offering 15% off all our protection Details just quote "Proteq1130" when you book. 


please note: our Protection Details are priced after a viewing of your vehicle a discount will then be applied after the price is given. 



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