We get new flooring! :)

Monday, 10 June 2019

We have recently had some new flooring laid down in our studio, check out the video to see what it looks like!

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Karspa are very pleased to announce we can now offer a pay monthly option for any detail worth £250 or over, making detailing more managable and affordable. We have teamed up with Payment Assist which means you now have the option to pay for your detail over 4 smaller managable payments instead of one big one.

Perfect for New car protections, Paint correction, Coatings or our signature detail.

  • Spread the cost over 4 months
  • No interest
  • No fess
  • No credit checks (£1000 above requires credit check)
  • Quick easy setup

Get in touch today and ask how we can make your detail easier to pay for!


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Black Friday deal! Until Nov 30th 2018 were giving 25% off any detailing bookings. 

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Caliper painting now available!

Tuesday, 06 November 2018

We now offer a caliper painting service. If your calipers are starting to look tired and are really letting the look of your vehicle down or you would like to change the colour we can repaint them for you. 

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Do you need new headlights?

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Have you ever seen a cars headlights that are all cloudy or yellowed?

Chances are you have as this is a very common problem on older cars, so why is this? Cars headlights are made from a strong but porous plastic called polycarbonate, to combat the porous issue the manufactures cover them with a protective film. Over a few years of abuse from the heat from the bulbs, U.V rays, and constant abuse from generally driving the protective film starts to fail which allows the polycarbonate to become oxidized hence the cloudy/yellowed look.


So what happens when your headlights start to cloud over do you need new headlights?

Quite simply no.. Our headlights restoration service will restore them back to as new condition saving you hundreds of pounds buying replacement units and having them fitted and setup.


So how do we restore you headlights?

After a thorough clean we then mask the lights to protect the surrouding areas. Using various grades of wet and dry paper we then sand the lights to remove the damaged layer. After the 2500 grit paper we then machine polish the lights to remove the sanding marks and restore clarity to the lights the end result being an as new look. The final step is to then add protection to keep the lights looking as new for up to 3 years.

IS there anyway to prevent this occurring?

Yes. The simple solution is add protection to your lights as you would your paint. Any wax or sealant or coating will prevent the damage from occurring as it does on paint or plastics. 

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Lotus S2

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lotus S2 - up and coming project for paint correction and detailing

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