Protection on the inside

Thursday, 17 March 2016

For those vehicles with a leather interior we offer a clean, recondition and protections service to keep your leather surfaces looking there very best for longer. Conditioning your leather surfaces regularly in you vehicle is as important as looking afer your own skin, if not looked after it can get dry, cracked and begin to deteriarate making your leather look unloved and unsightly. We can give you leather interior a full steam clean with gentle cleaners and many different techniques to release the ground in dirt and grime, followed buy and intensive reconditioning to get that leather back to life. To protect the leather further for upto 6 months we offer a two stage leather guard system which will really protect the leather work even against mild abrasions and UV rays which can discolour and dry out leather over time. You wouldn't neglect your own skin? you car


If your leather could to with some well deserved love and attension, drop us a line and discuss what Karspa can do for you

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