Stuart Bowcock

Stuart Bowcock

So you may have heard about coatings for your car to protect it for X amount of years but what really is a coating and what are you buying?

Well after finishing a new car protection recently we had a tiny amount of product (Max Protects 3 year glass coat) left in the bottle so we thought we would show you exactly what a coating is. We poured the coating on to some plastic sheeting and let it cure. As you can see from the picture when cured a coating is a membrane (although this is quite thick due to how it was set) which is thick and hard (unlike a wax) and designed to last for years rather than months. Coatings are also chemical resistant, UV resistant,, improve scratch resistant, make cleaning easier and keep that just Detailed look wash after wash. Why settle for a wax that only lasts a few months when you can have a coating for years to come.

We honestly can't think of any reason not to coat your car. 

Although you probably don't like to think about it Winter is on its way so its time to think about protecting your pride and joy ready for the harsh environment your car will endure during this time. Until November 30th were currently offering 15% off all our protection Details just quote "Proteq1130" when you book. 


please note: our Protection Details are priced after a viewing of your vehicle a discount will then be applied after the price is given. 



We now accept Bitcoin as payment for any of our services!

We will also be looking at accepting other cryptocurrencies as well in the future so keep an eye out. 

The owner of this 2-year-old BMW 5 series collected their car from the meet and greet service at Manchester airport after coming back from holiday at approximately 4 am in the morning. Upon collection, they noticed the rubber mat had water on it, not thinking anymore of it they drove to a nearby Travelodge to get some sleep before driving home. Upon getting in their car later that day and in daylight they noticed the passengers front and rear footwells were soaking wet as well as the passenger's seat, they also noticed a cigarette in the rear passenger's footwell and a smell of smoke (neither of whom smoke themselves). The people from the meet and greet service had obviously been smoking in their car, had the window open to let the smoke out, not closed it properly and heavy rainfall had got in. Luckily they called us straight away and we have fixed all of the issues for them.

Have you ever seen the headlights of a car that are all cloudy or yellowed?

Chances are you have as this is a very common problem on older cars, so why is this? Cars headlights are made from a strong but porous plastic called polycarbonate, to combat the porous issue the manufactures cover them with a protective film. Over a few years of abuse from the heat from the bulbs, U.V rays, and constant abuse from generally driving the protective film starts to fail which allows the polycarbonate to become oxidized hence the cloudy/yellowed look.


So what happens when your headlights start to cloud over do you need new headlights?

Quite simply no... Our headlights restoration service will restore them back to as new condition saving you hundreds of pounds buying replacement units and having them fitted and setup.


So how do we restore your headlights?

After a thorough clean we then mask the lights to protect the surrounding areas. Using various grades of wet and dry paper we then sand the lights to remove the damaged layer. After the 2500 grit paper we then machine polish the lights to remove the sanding marks and restore clarity to the lights the end result being an as-new look. The final step is to then add protection to keep the lights looking as new for up to 3 years.

IS there any way to prevent this occurring?

Yes. The simple solution is to add protection to your lights as you would your paint. Any wax or sealant or coating will prevent the damage from occurring as it does on paint or plastics. 

As they say in our industry "a cheap Detail is never good and a good Detail is never cheap". Never a truer word was spoken than shown in this picture.

 Incorrect pad/product combinations, poor techniques and not checking the work with a light source leads to poor quality results.  

Is that cheap Detail really worth it.....?

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