Wheel coating application.jpg


We have added this service as an upgrade due to the time taken to do this process and not all customers require such an in-depth service. This service is most commonly taken with one of our more involved services. For this process, we take the wheels completely off your vehicle perform a thorough clean and decontaminate your wheel arches and calipers, a thorough clean and decontamination of your alloys. Two layers of coatings are then applied to the wheels, front to back. The wheels are then refitted back to your vehicle at the correct torque setting.



Benefits of wheel coatings:

  • Make wheels super easy to clean

  • Protect your expensive alloys from corrosive brake dust

  • Protect your expensive alloys from dirt, grime, and road salt

  • Make your wheels shiny and superhydrophobic

Durability: Up to 2 years

Price: From £240