As well as polishing and coatings we also offer a wide of stand alone services or upgrades to your detail.

Wheel coating application.jpg

Protection for your wheels

Our wheel coatings can protect your wheels from corrosive brake dust, dirt, grime, and road salt, and make them super shiny. This service is most commonly taken with one of our more involved services.


Keep your visibility clear

Our glass coatings dramatically improve visibility and improve safety when driving in poor weather conditions, especially at night time. This service is most commonly taken with one of our more involved services.


Interior Coating

Our interior coatings can protect leather, upholstery, and carpets from stains, spills, dirt, oil, water, and make them super easy to clean. This service is available alongside one of our more involved services.


Freshen up your hubs and calipers

If your calipers and hubs are looking old and tired we can repaint them for you in any colour you choose. Should you wish we can also add decals to the front caliper for an additional fee. This service is mot commonly taken with one of our more involved services.


Clean and protect your soft top roof

For this service, we fully deep clean the material of your soft top to remove all algae, moss, and the general build up of dirt. After we are completely satisfied that your soft top is as clean as it possibly can be and dried off we apply a specialist material protection to maintain the look and repel water.


Clean and Clear

We offer a headlight restoration service for those vehicles that suffer from hazed dull and yellowing headlights. Not only will this service restore the look of your vehicle it will also enhance the amount of light coming from the lamp and improve nighttime driving, making it safer for you the driver but also other road users.