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Professional vehicle detailing Lincoln

Our New Car Protection service is designed to give your brand new vehicle the very best start in life, by protecting every exterior surface of your vehicle including paint, plastics, chrome, window rubbers, and exhausts. We also offer additional upgrades for wheels, glass, and interior to be coated.


 Our Machine Polishing services are designed to bring your vehicle's paint back to life. If you are looking to add some serious gloss to your vehicle's paint or looking to remove swirl marks, scratches, bug etchings etc, then you'll find what you need here.  

As well as a machine polish of the paint, a full exterior detail of the vehicle is also carried out.


To protect your vehicle as much as possible, make maintenance easy, and keep it looking great for years to come we offer a wide range of surface coating products. Unlike waxes, coatings form a membrane over the surface they are applied to which will protect your vehicle for years not months.

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