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Lock-in That New Car Look

Enjoy Your Car Everyday With Our High Performance Coatings

Unlock the Perfect Balance of Style and Simplicity: How George Enhanced His Car's Look with 75% Less Need For Maintenance

George always valued his car's appearance, but the constant upkeep was draining. Then, he discovered Proteq's Performance Coatings—a game changer.


Proteq's expert technicians applied the top-quality ceramic coating after a machine polish, instantly elevating his car's finish. The real breakthrough? The coating's self-cleaning properties.


Dirt, grime, and water simply rolled off, keeping his car cleaner for longer. Maintenance time? Reduced by an astounding 75%. George could finally enjoy his car's beauty without the hassle.

Experience the perfect blend of style and simplicity with Proteq's Performance Coatings. Contact us today and transform your car's appearance while slashing maintenance time by 75% for up to five years.


What our cermaic coating Package Typically Includes:

  • Full exterior preparation

  • Machine polish to remove any defects and maximize gloss

  • Max Protect professional grade coatings applied.

  • Exterior and interior glass cleaned

  • Optional upgrades are available for this service, see below for details


More information here.

Why ceramic coat your vehicle? 

Our ceramic coatings will not only keep your vehicle looking like new for years to come but will also make your car care so much easier.

The benefits of a ceramic coating on your vehicle:

  • Never polish or wax your vehicle for the life of the coating​

  • Your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer

  • Your vehicle will have a self cleaning properties

  • Your vehicle will look like its been polished wash after wash

  • Our coatings protect all exterior surfaces of your vehicle

  • U.V protection to prevent fading and loss of shine

  • Your vehicle will be easy to wash and dry

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