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Protect your new vehicle with our high grade ceramic coatings, installed by certified approved professionals.

Protect your investment!

We Understand How Hard You’ve Worked For Your New Car. Keep It Looking Every Penny You Have Paid For It.

Karen had been disappointed with dealership ceramic coatings before. They failed to protect her car, leaving it looking worn and aged in no time.


Then she discovered Proteq New Car Protection for her brand-new Mini.

Unlike dealerships, Proteq addresses factory defects with a thorough machine polishing process, unveiling your car's true potential.

Dealership sealants fall short due to their low-grade nature and lack of professional training. Proteq, on the other hand, uses only the best ceramic coatings available.

Karen was overjoyed when she saw her car, remarking, "It looks even better than new!" Plus, the coating reduced her need for car washes by 75%.

Experience the "better than new" difference with Proteq's elite ceramic coating services. Contact us today!

  • Full exterior preparation

  • Machine polish to remove any defects and maximize gloss

  • Max Protect professional grade coatings applied.

  • Exterior and interior glass cleaned

  • Optional upgrades are available for this service, see below for details

What goes into our New Car Protection Service

  • Most new car protections take 1-1.5 days

  • Text message reminders for your appointment

  • Fully insured and fully qualified detailers

  • Dedicated admin for bookings and queries

  • Live CCTV in our unit

  • Free aftercare pack with a "DO NOT WASH OR CLEAN THIS CAR" sign and recommendations for future protection. 


Karen (and her new Mini) FINALLY Understood Why New Car Protection Is So Important

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What The New Car Protection Package Typically Includes:

Why ceramic coat your new vehicle? 

Our New Car Protection will not only keep your vehicle looking like new for years to come but will also make your car care so much easier.

The benefits of a ceramic coating on your new vehicle:

  • ​Never polish or wax your vehicle for the life of the coating​

  • Your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer

  • Your vehicle will have a self cleaning properties

  • Your vehicle will look like its been polished wash after wash

  • Our coatings protect all exterior surfaces of your vehicle

  • U.V protection to prevent fading and loss of shine

  • Your vehicle will be easy to wash and dry

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