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Why choose a Professional Detailer to protect your new car!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

When it comes to getting your new car, keeping it looking nice and new for as long as possible will be a priority, dealerships know this and they may offer your their "ceramic coating".

The truth is though, what the dealership is offering you is nothing more than a cheap sealant, that is either not applied correctly or in some cases not at all. The products themselves are not bad products, but the valeters do not have time to correctly prep the vehicles, or even apply the products properly, leaving your brand new vehicle left with either no protection, or protection that just won't last.

Now the difference between a dealership installed "coating" and a professional detailers coating is the products themselves, the preparation of the vehicle, and certified installers of the said coatings. Unlike dealerships a professional detailer dedicates time to making sure your new vehicle is prepared properly before any protection is applied. This includes a safe wash and dry of the vehicle, decontamination of the vehicle, machine polishing of the vehicle to make sure the paint is in the best condition and this is all before the coatings are taken out of the fridge. That's right I said out of the fridge, professional grade coatings are best kept at a lower temperature to help with an easier install.

A professioanl detailer will take up to 2 man hours to install a proper coating to make sure its install correctly (thats on top of the preparation), not within 10 mintues like dealerships (and that includes the prep time).

Having a dealership protect your new vehicle may seem very convient as you can just drive away and not have to worry about trying to find a professional detailer to protect it and not have to leave it with someone else for a day or two but, considering most detailers are only slightly more expensive than dealerships does it not make more sense to choose someone who is skilled, certified and who cares about doing the job properly?

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